Video Game Reviews


Sonic The Hedgehog

Sega Master System

[Available via Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console]


Sonic's battle against the evil Dr. Robotnik (aka Eggman) begins in Sonic the Hedgehog; while being a watered down version of the Megadrive/Genesis version of the game, the overall structure generally applies. Simply make your way through the levels as fast as you can, picking up rings along the way to protect yourself as well as to earn rewards such as extra lives and access to bonus stages at the end of each level... but don't forget to find the hidden Chaos Emeralds in each zone too!


- Smooth controls and gameplay

- It's easy to get into and a nice introduction to the series

- Great variation in levels and level structure


- Very easy difficulty; it's very easy to find yourself finishing this withing a couple of days at most with all the Chaos Emeralds as well

- While collecting 100 rings earns you an extra life, unless you pick up another 50 before the end of the level you'll miss out on the bonus stage (i.e. you need 50-99 or 150+ rings to access the bonus stage at the end of the levels)

- If you get hit you can't re-collect your rings; you're also open to get hit again by something else, resulting in a few frustrating deaths

- The music doesn't really suit the game and is quite cheesy (at least I think so)

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Retro Score: 3/5


Super Puzzle Figher II Turbo

Multiple Formats

[Available via Playstation 3's Network or X-Box Live Arcade]


Chibi style Street-Fighter and other Capcom characters take each other on in this simple to play yet addictive puzzle game which has you organising different coloured gems to match each other in order to make larger gems, before using special gems to eliminate them from your play area; the bigger the gems you eliminate from your screen the more gems your opponent's play area is filled with!


- Easy to get into for players of any age

- Vibrant colourful graphics suit the style of the game and avoid overcomplicating things too much

- Addictive gameplay especially when playing against non-computer opponents


- The music remixes are nothing amazing and a little dull despite their upbeat themes

- The difficulty can seem a little imbalanced and some computer opponents will frustrate you greatly as a result

- With only one mode of gameplay (other than training), you may find yourself getting bored/frustrated after a while

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Retro Score: 4/5


Donkey Kong Country


[Available via Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console]


Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong take on the Kremlins in a platforming classic which takes them all over the land to defeat their King and get back their hoard of bananas(!?) from them in the process! Plenty of challenging levels and enemies await you as well as a multitude of secrets and bonus stages which should keep you entertained for quite a while!


- Smooth controls and varied gameplay

- Plenty of secrets and bonuses to be discovered

- Amazingly detailed and rendered graphics for a SNES game

- A varied soundtrack which suits the style of the game and the levels well


- Some very tricky levels later on may put off younger gamers

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Retro Score: 5/5