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Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty

Playstation 3


Following on directly from "Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction" on the Playstation 3, the game takes the storyline and tries to explain a little more as to what happened afterwards, providing you ultimately with a teaser for the sequel planned for release in late 2009...

You'll spend your time exploring new planets, catching up with some old friends as well as enemies while taking on several challenges along the way, which vary from platforming sections, melee battles, puzzle elements, etc, using what is a limited selection of weaponry taken from "Tools of Destruction" to make your way through each level...

I won't add much more here about the story in order to avoid any major spoilers for those of you still playing the first game or yet to experience it for yourselves, so if you'd like to know more you'll have to note me! X3


- The graphics look incredible as ever, with the environments lush and detailed

- The music is very piratey and suits the theme of the game well enough

- A few new gameplay elements have been added, while a little overused at times they do add some diversity to the puzzles and platforming action

- Three difficulty modes (which oddly enough you can change at anytime) make this more accessible to newer gamers to the series

- The controls are smooth and responsive


- It now makes a little more sense as to why the ending for "Tools of Destruction" is so short and vague; it feels like they cut out the last part of the game in order to make this mini-sequel, instead of focussing on making "Tools of Destruction" a little longer... adding a few more hours of challenging gameplay levels and filling out the last part of that section of the storyline in the first game would surely have given "Tools of Destruction" a more complete and satisfying ending...?

- As a mini-sequel it's been released too early; giving gamers a few hours of gameplay before opening up the story further is fine but not when it's over a year before the next game comes out (Fall 2009)

- The gameplay levels are very limited and seem to just alternate between platformer sections, all-out melee battles, some minor puzzle elements and then a boss fight at the end...

- Your weaponry and items are very limited compared to the earlier games; you're also restricted as to when you can use them, while levelling them up takes a matter of minutes if you have time to spare (just kill a bunch of enemies, die and repeat)

- It would have been nice to have some kind of bonus for having a complete game save file for "Tools of Destruction" (I'll assume they'll do this in the sequel...)

- You'll finish it very quickly, especially if you're a fan of the series; there's not much to see and do nor are there any notable secrets or hidden sections to find...

- If you've played the earlier games, you may get frustrated with the controls as the jumping options are more restricted as well, leading you to think you can make a jump only to find yourself falling to your doom...

- Downloading 3.5Gb of data to your Playstation 3 to play this is a lot for some gamers, if you want to download this in one day you'll need a fairly fast connection!

- Collecting bolts (as currency) is basically required to do 3 things in the game to progress, but other than that there's not much to do with them...

- In the later levels re-stocking your weapons is far too easy to do, leading you to just rely on the more powerful ones available to you throughout the game...

- Charging £10 (~$18) for what amounts to only a few hours of additional gameplay and story is too much, for half the price you can buy a full PSOne game which will last you much longer...

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If you haven't played any of the previous Ratchet & Clank games, then there's not really much point in starting with this game as the storyline will throw you off completely (as really you need to have played the earlier games to understand it fully) and the gameplay elements have been severly restricted compared to the previous games, especially when compared to "Tools of Destruction" (which is an excellent game in itself I should add).

With only a few hours of gaming and not a lot to find and discover, this one is really only for the hardcore Ratchet & Clank fans, especially given the price and in some cases the time required to download it!

Also while it's a nice idea to have a downloadable preview game between "Tools of Destruction" and it's sequel, there's too many flaws to make me feel satisfied from the experience... in fact it's left me a little disappointed and wondering why we have to wait so long for the sequel, although knowing Insomniac games the wait will definitely be worth it...

Final Score: 6/10