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Tetris Party

Nintendo Wii


One of the worldís most loved puzzle games returns on the Nintendo Wii (as a downloadable WiiWare game), Tetris basically requires you to arrange blocks to fit together fully across the play area in order to score points and clear them from the play area; the more lines you clear at one time and the higher the difficulty level the more points youíll score, with a Tetris (clearing 4-lines in one go) giving you maximum points should you be able to pull it off!

There are several new modes in this version as well, a few of which are:

- Beginnerís Tetris (A simplified version with a smaller play area and blocks)

- Wii Balance Board (Regular Tetris controlled using by your motions on a Wii Balance Board!)

- Field Climber (Stack blocks to make a stairway up to the top of the screen for a ickle man to climb up)

- Shadow (Fill in an image using various Tetris blocks)

- Stage Racer (Rotate a Tetris piece through a maze as quickly as possible)

There are also many multi-player options both online and offline, with a multitude of options thrown in to try and spice things up for even the most experienced of Tetris gamers, with your performance in each mode recorded and comparable to both gamers in your own friends list as well as across the globe!


- The core gameplay is great and works perfectly, with enough options to make it easier or harder for novices and pros respectively

- Online multiplayer adds a lot of depth to the gameplay and makes things a lot more challenging and varied

- Thereís plenty of alternate game modes with a full range of difficulty levels for each one to ensure even Tetris pros will be kept busy


- The music can get fairly repetitive

- The size of the blocks and the play area are fairly small onscreen which makes it a little hard on the eyes at times to focus on everything

- The alternate game modes from the Nintendo DS version arenít here, so if you enjoyed playing them you may be disappointed to not see them available here; whether the new alternative game modes compensate or not for this will be up to each gamerís tastes really!

- The Wii Board control option, while being an interesting idea, wonít appeal to many and only a few people will actually have the board to try this out anyway!

Similar Retro Games:

- Columns [Megadrive/Genesis]

- Tetris Attack [SNES / Nintendo 64]

- Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo [Playstation]


Tetris hasnít really changed that much over the years and it seems that whenever developers have tried to change things notably the game has only suffered as a result; thankfully while there are alternative modes and options within this game, the core gameplay elements remain untouched, giving us all an easily accessible and enjoyable game for players of all ages. A classic revived on the Nintendo Wii; if you love Tetris then this is one for your collection.

Final Score: 9/10