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Wii Fit

Nintendo Wii


Well there’s no story for this one, this is more of a fitness program than a game really…

There are several modes available covering different fitness aspects (Yoga for body posture, Muscle Workout to tone your muscles, Aerobic Exercise for general exercise and Balance Games to test your agility and control); each has different activities for you to choose from which focus on different areas of your body, with more advanced modes and new activities unlocked the more you play them.

Wii Fit uses the concept that the time you spend actually exercising is stored and recorded, completing more than 30 minutes of actual exercise will reward you with some sparkly gold text to indicate you’re doing well, but more often than not you will also have opened a few more activities or new difficulty levels as a result, the aim being to motivate you to keep going.

Every day you can complete a body test which will check your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your “Body Age” based on a couple of varied random tests, as with everything else these results are recorded and you can easily review how you’re progressing over time based on these tests in terms of weight loss and general agility. You can even add this test to your Wii Channels for easier access.


- The Wii Fit board is sturdy and well designed, with good gripping and such to avoid slipping

- There’s plenty of tips and advice for you, with the game checking your timings and stats frequently to see where you could be having problems or getting into bad habits

- The activities are well explained and detailed, with on screen actions easy to follow, especially when it comes to the Yoga and Muscle Workout activities

- The option to add the Body Test to the Wii Fit Channel is useful and saves you having to switch games and such if you’re just looking to do a quick test that day

- Automatically your favourite activities are grouped together for easy access later and for making your own personalised workout plan

- You can play as any Mii you create on your Mii Channel, with the other ones you’ve saved showing up randomly while you’re jogging and such, which if you’re fairly creative can make this more amusing…

- There’s a major lack of Nintendo-based characters


- There’s no option to jog with your friends online, although given the effort it takes to get everyone’s codes and find them online for games like SSBB that’s probably a good thing

- It’s a fairly expensive investment (especially as availability is limited so far) for a board and exercise game and only worth buying if you’ll stick with it

- It’s more suited to adult gamers; younger players won’t see the appeal

- An option to see which activities you have completed that day would be nice, you can only see how many times you’ve completed the activity overall

- Some of the Yoga exercises are fairly difficult if you’re not used to doing them

- The Wii Fit board needs 4 ‘AA’ batteries, meaning if you’re going to play this a lot you should buy some rechargeables…

- There’s a major lack of Nintendo-based characters

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If you’re looking for an easy way to get into regular exercise from your own home and avoid the hassle of getting a gym membership or signing up for Yoga classes and such to improve things such as your muscle tone, posture and balance, while being given useful advice on how to focus your training and exercises to better suit your own personal needs, then this is probably worth investing in…

While it doesn’t replace going for a good run to burn some major calories once in a while (with the game telling you on a regular basis that doing such exercise on a regular basis will help boost your progress), it will at least make you more aware of your general well-being… although as with any type of exercise plan be careful not to lose interest in keeping the routine going, if you do the Wii Fit board could end up just being a very large expensive paper weight…

Final Score: 8/10