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2nd Place:           

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Competition Details:


7th August 2007 - 30th September 2007


- Your own anthropomorphic character(s) inn a video game scenario/theme

- Participants will use their own anthropoomorphic character(s) and have them play the role of any video gaming character of their choosing

- They can be 'acting out' any particular video game scene or event of your choosing but this is optional






- Only one entry per entrant

- Submissions must be received before 12:000am GMT on the 1st October 2007

- The entry must be appropriate to the theeme

- The entry must contain a new or existingg anthropomorphic character(s) of your own creation (i.e. no plagarism of other people's characters)

- A definition of what an anthropomorphic character is can be found here: [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropomorphic ]

- Any character(s) from any video game cann be used for your entry

- Entries must be posted on your own galleery on either Deviantart.com or Furaffinity.net

- The game and character must be specifiedd clearly in the submission description

- You must note me on Deviantart.com or Fuuraffinity.net with the link to your entry

- The winners will be judged by a selectedd panel of judges

- The top five contestants with the highesst score according to the criteria will win

- Entries must be PG-13 (i.e. no mature woork)



A Nintendo DS Console with one game of your choice OR $150 on Paypal

Second Place:

Deviantart Year Subscription OR $30 on Paypal


Deviantart 6-months Subscription OR $20 on Paypal

Fourth & Fifth Place:

Deviantart 3-months Subscription OR $10 on Paypal


- If you win the Nintendo DS with the gamee of your choice, the details will be discussed with you privately once the contest is over to confirm the specifics such as the colour of the console, game of your choice and delivery requirements.

- Deviantart Subscription prizes will be aactivated whenever the winners choose to have them activated; remember that adding a subscription to an existing one will extend that subscription accordingly. The winners will also be able to specify which account to give the subscription to in case they wish to use it on a secondary account of their own or give it to someone else.

- If you win and choose the Paypal prizes,, yet do not have a Paypal account of your own for me to send you your prize, then the amount can be used as credit towards payment for any art commissions you request from other artists who accepts Paypal for payments. The amount will then be sent to them directly on your behalf as payment towards that commission accordingly. Note that I will only pay the amount you win in this competition, not the price of the full commission if it costs more than your prize winnings are!